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Book Review (and more) - Gorilla Food

The book with the food from the Restaurant - from here in Vancouver. As it is so close by I did have to take a trip down town to try out some of the dishes in the book, and on the restaurant menu, which I couldn't make at home as I don't have a dehydrator. Review of those dishes is separate after the ones I made.

The book is laid out in an easy to use manner, the recipes logical and there are a lot of photos for those who like them. Its a nice looking book. There are a couple of small introductory chapters looking at what it means to be raw, equipment which would be handy, and what ingredients are used in the book, then it's straight into the recipes. Each recipe has brief introduction, some being longer than others, but there is no intro for each chapter.

I found this book easy to use, and the results delicious, even with my old and not-so-great blender and food processor (and no dehydrator or spiralizer), so if you are actually set up for making raw food I think you'd find lots to enjoy in this book.

So onto the recipes I made - Page number order -
Page 29 - Fruit Salad
A huge serve per person! I had it for lunch and I was so full afterwards. Quick, easy and tasty.

Page 65 - Cashew Alfredo Sauce
Tasty. Very simple, great as a salad dressing, or dip.

Page 65 - Green Cashew Coconut Curry Sauce
Vibrant, spicy, undertones of coconut, really good. Loved this sauce.

Page 68 - Oh My Gado Peanut Sauce
I used regular peanuts in  mine so the one I made did taste a little different from the one I had at the restaurant. Both were super delicious, very peanut-y, and beautifully spiced.

Page 75 - Zucchini Hummus
Love Loved this, though it was a little salty, an easy fix.

Page 76 - Basic Olive Tapenade
Yum. Though just a basic tapenade really.

Page 78 - Guacamole
I usually use lime not lemon juice so this one was a slightly different flavour profile. The avocado really does shine.

Page 79 - Salsa
This was lovely - the date really does add a perfect hint of sweet.

Page 87 - Walnut Chili Pate
Quite "meaty" really - which is the point in the recipe where it is used. Lovely and tasty.

Page 92 - Hemp Seed Nogurt
Used with the Fruit Salad.
Nicely refreshing, creamy, a little sweet.

Page 105 - Olive and Love Veggie Wraps
Uses - Tapenade and Zucchini Hummus.
I'd never had collard greens before, and found some were more tender and less bitter than others. The milder leaves were easier to eat raw in this manner. The wraps were tasty and filling.

Page 120 - Basic Greens Mix
Not really a recipe and not really needed.

Page 122 - Basic Coleslaw Mix, Sesame Seasoned Version
Oh, yum, the sesame goes really well in the slaw, and you can taste the addition.

Page 125 - "Seazer" Salad
Uses - Cashew Alfredo Sauce
Nice salad, a little Caesar-ish, but not really. Nice for what it is.

Page 129 - Sprouted Quinoa Medley
I am in love with sprouted quinoa - I had never tried it before and am a true fan! I want to make the Sprouted Quinoa Tabouli on page 128 now!!

Page 134 - Tossed and Tenderised Deep Greens
Nice massaged kale salad. I should have cut the other veg slightly smaller as I would have preferred less chunks but that is just personal preference.

Page 139 - Chili Verde Soup
This was the only recipe I made I didn't like. Maybe my kale was too bitter, but I did not enjoy it.

Page 165 - Curry Veggies
Uses - Tossed and Tenderised Greens, Sesame Coleslaw, Green Cashew Curry Sauce.
I like this very much - and had leftovers without the extra veggies for lunch the next day!

Page 170 - Green Taco
Uses - Walnut Chili Pate, Guacamole, Salsa
Tasty. Quite filling. I also drizzled the tacos with the Nogurt as a sour cream-esque topping.

Page 173 - S'Weed as Curry Maki
Uses - Tossed and Tenderised Greens, Sesame Coleslaw, Green Cashew Curry Sauce
Nice rolls! The nori sheets work well with the flavours in the components.

Page 190 - Choco Halva
Not too sweet, very more-ish. Hard to stop at just one piece.

Page 222 - BC Blue Smoothie
Page 226 - Strawberry Fields Smoothie
Page 230 - Sweet Magenta Juice
Page 233 - Choco Gorilla Shake
All the drinks were super easy to make, very easy to drink, and the smoothies and shake were definitely meals in themselves!

and following that, the recipes I didn't make but tried at the restaurant over a couple of visits.

Page 155 - Peanut Selectah Pizza
Uses - Sunny Buckwheat Crust (152), Ital Herb Sauce (66), Tossed and Tenderised Greens, Walnut Cheeze (71) Gado Selectah Sauce (68)
SO good. A huge slice, and filling. Worked really well with the peanut sauce, and the crust was so very good!

Page 161 - GO Veggie Burger
Uses - Veggie Flax Bread (35), Veggie Burger Patties (158), Fresh Ketchup (83), Guacamole
Again, very tasty and filling. Comes with lots of salad and I found it easier to eat with cutlery!

Page 208 - Chocolate Hemp Seed Pie
Uses - Basic Pie Crust (203)
Not overly sweet, but so very lusciously creamy and smooth. The chocolate is not too intense, but definitely there. Worth saving the space for.

Page 210 - Lemon Avocado Pie
Worth the visit for this alone. Seriously, seriously good. So creamy, smooth, rich, lemony. I will run out of superlatives! I will have to get a better food processor so I can make this one at home!!

The restaurant (link to website) is cute, colourful, welcoming, and worth a visit if you find yourself in Vancouver. It is a short walk from Granville Street Skytrain station, though I'd guess getting parked nearby wouldn't be easy as it is down town. There isn't a huge amount of seating, so maybe call ahead if you have a large party.

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