Thursday, 1 May 2014

Book Review - The China Study All-Star Collection

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I must say I was excited about the concept for this book. Bringing together a collection of healthy whole-food, plant-based recipes from a variety of vegan chefs (some more known than others but all pretty awesome) to really showcase that eating plants, and doing so in a healthy manner, can be both effortless, and appeal to a wide range of different tastes and eating styles. Sounds like a sure winner to me.

The book is colourful and attractive. The recipes are laid out 1 to a page, and most have a full colour photo as illustration. I know many folks really like to see what the recipe should end up looking like so I think this will aid in the appeal of this book to new vegans, or those who are just giving plant-based eating a try. There are lots of tips and hints interspersed with the recipes, again helpful for those new to this way of eating.

There is no introduction - which is to be expected in a book which is compiled from recipes from a number of authors. At the end of the book, each contributor is introduced, with a short resume of there cooking and publishing experience, and a photo - so you know who to look for if you liked particular recipes. For those who skip ready the introductory sections in cookbooks then this is a plus for you!

The one thing I didn't really like  - and it is not a biggie, and is something other readers may like - is the lack of consistency in style for all the recipes. Some have introductions, some do not. Some make servings, others slices, others cups... I know this will be from the fact that the recipes were contributed, (and I'm being picky) and that each author will have their own style, but I would have liked to have seen the recipes edited to be a little  more similar in appearance - standardised a bit more.

All in all - if you are wanting an introductory book, one that allows you to experience the style and outlook of a number of different authors without buying each person's book and spending a bunch, then this is a great option. You can try dishes from a range of people and see where your tastes and preferences guide you. A great idea, and good resource to have on your shelves. This one I would loan out (after my own Vegan al Fresco of course!) if I had someone asking about where to start.

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